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My home Town Suffers Four Loses in Vietnam 

Girard Illinois, small town south of Springfield on Il Rt 4 (old rt 66) Population around 1700 in 1970


Casualty Date Jan 8 1968  I remember how fast the news spread when Ron Fox was killed. I was a senior in high school then. His dad ran our pool hall.


Casualty Date April 7 1969  Darrell  was a couple years older than me but I know his family.  I had just entered basic training at that time. 


Casualty Date July 12 1969 Richard England lived on Center Street, not sure what happened to his family but I was in AIT when I heard he had been killed.


Casualty Date Nov 25 1971 Tom Prose had a big family and was a couple years younger than me.  His brother was  in my high school class. I was back in the world when Tom was killed.
Such a tragic lose for such a small community to suffer. I knew each of our fallen hereos and just wanted to recognize them with this page.  You can find a link on my Links page to the wall where you can search and obtain information on any casualty. The above photos (names) were taken off the Vietnam Memorial Wall at Springfield, Illinois.

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