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So, for one day I "was" Recon, 1/20! 

I arrived in Hawaii in July, 1966 as a young Pfc. Was
transported to Schofield Barracks by Bus. Processed in at Brigade HQ
which was in the process of forming, not many people there at the time.
Sat down with a personnel clerk and then he went to retrieve my 201
file. When he came back he asked me if my MOS was 11D (Armored
Operations and Intelligence). I said I was (I had three years prior
service from 1960 to 1963 which was spent in the 2nd Recon Squadron, 7th
Armored Cav in Bamberg, Germany). He asked me if I wanted to be assigned
to the Recon platoon, 1st of the 20th. I said "Sure!". As he was doing
my paperwork I asked him how many people had processed in to the Recon
platoon so far. He said "You're the first!". After finishing up
in processing, I was directed to Quad D where the 1/20 was located. The
1st Sgt of Headquarters & Headquarters Company (there was no Co E at
that time) was a SFC (can't remember his name). Gave him some paper work
that I had gotten from personnel and told him I was assigned to the
Recon platoon. He just kind of smiled and said "2nd floor all the way to
the end. When you put you gear away, get your fatigues on and report
back to me" I picked up my duffle bag and another gym bag that I had and
went up the stairs and down the alcove to the last set of doors on the
end. Above the door was a sign "Recon platoon". I went in and it was
full of bunks, footlockers and close lockers but nothing else. All the
bunks were empty so I picked out where I wanted to be. Stowed some of my
gear, got out a set of fatigues, boots, cap and the rest of the uniform,
locked everything up and back out the doors, down the steps to the
Orderly room. The acting first Sgt asked me if I could type. I said
about 35 words a minute. He said, "Damn, an educated grunt!" I became
the "acting Company clerk for the next three weeks until the "new"
company clerk, a brand new E2 right out of AIT reported in. We had a few
new E2 11B's report in assigned to the Recon platoon in that 3 week
period but the Recon platoon didn't stand up until sometime in late
August, 1966.

We had 6 M151 Scout jeeps with M60's mounted on them, also had a weapons
squad with a 4.2 mortar in a M113 track and an Infantry squad also in a
M113 track. Only when the 11th Brigade became a "Light" Infantry Brigade
did we lose the vehicles.
                              Ken Keck                 July,1966 to June,1968


 Ken Keck      

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