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JEEP Wrangler LED Lights, Parts & Accessories

Adding JEEP Wrangler accessories is an excellent way to improve your vehicle. There are multiple JEEP Wrangler parts to choose from. Some of the parts provide a safer or more efficient ride, while others visually enhance your JEEP.

The majority of Wrangler accessories are easy to install. In most cases, installation is as easy as unscrewing an existing piece and replacing it with the new accessory.

JEEP Wrangler Lights

Adding or replacing your JEEP Wrangler headlights and taillights is a great way to enhance your vehicle. There are several benefits to replacing your lights. The best reason to get new lights is better visibility on the road, especially in dangerous conditions.

Improving your lights is especially important if you want to take your JEEP off-roading. There are a few different JEEP Wrangler parts to help drive extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain or snowstorms.

Some JEEP Wrangler lights make it easier to spot your car. By increasing your visibility, you reduce the chance of getting into an accident. You can either make upgrades to your existing taillights or install extra lights on the front or rear of your JEEP. Adding lights to your vehicle also makes it easier for roadside assistance to spot your vehicle if you ever break down or are in an accident.

Types of JEEP Wrangler Lights

Shopping for JEEP Wrangler parts can be overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many options to choose from, especially with lights. There are many similarities between the different types of lights.

Most lights have multiple variants available, either changing the size or the color. You can simplify your search by focusing on whatever parts are built for your make.

Another difference between JEEP Wrangler lights is the bulb. The type of bulb you select determines both the quality and longevity of your lights. Older models of Wranglers come standard with halogen bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are relatively inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk. Each bulb has a special filament. When the filament heats up, it produces a bright beam of light. While halogen bulbs were once an industry-standard, manufacturers are shifting into more efficient and powerful bulbs.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Bulbs

Some JEEP Wrangler accessories have High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lenses. These lights are powered by Xenon gas. Xenon gas produces brighter lights than a halogen light, but there are some downsides. Due to safety regulations, HID lights use more power than halogen bulbs. As a result, you must frequently replace HID bulbs.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs power the newest JEEP Wrangler lights. Some Wrangler models, especially newer ones, come standard with LED head or tail lights. Depending on the dealership, you may need to pay extra. It is often less expensive to purchase and install your own LED lights. Installation is quick and easy, even if you never changed your lights before.

LED JEEP Wrangler parts to produce stronger lights than HID or halogen bulbs. Additionally, LED lights have superior longevity. On average, you can expect between 50,000 and 100,000 hours from your LED bulbs. LED bulbs come in multiple colors. With certain bulbs, such as your headlights, there are fewer colors available. This is because of safety regulations.

JEEP Wrangler LED Head and Tail Lights

The most used JEEP lights are the head and tail lights. Your headlights have the biggest impact on visibility. Consider upgrading to projector headlights if you drive in difficult conditions or want something stronger for night driving.

Projector headlights contain a special lens. LED bulbs are commonly used with projector headlights since the bulbs are smaller and easier to install. The lens increases the strength of your lights.

Another benefit of these JEEP Wrangler accessories is the angled cutoff shield. The shield points your headlights closer towards the road. This not only improves your visibility but prevents your JEEP from blinding other drivers. Another option for difficult driving conditions is LED fog lights.

There are multiple JEEP Wrangler parts for your tail lights. An easy way to enhance your taillights and improve visibility is by installing a third brake light. Third brake lights have limited color options.

If you want a unique color, you can install an LED light bar along with your rear bumper. You can also purchase an LED illuminated license plate.

One JEEP Wrangler accessory that gives your car a unique look is smoked taillights. Smoked lights contain special tints, which darken the color of your lights. There are different tints available, which further change the color of your lights. Some states have stricter regulations regarding smoked taillights, so ensure you understand the laws before installing them.

JEEPs Supported with JEEP Wrangler Lights

JEEP Wrangler parts are built for multiple models. You can install JEEP Wrangler accessories in any Sport, Sahara, or Rubicon model. The biggest difference between Wrangler makes the size of the part.

Most parts include the type of JEEP they are built for in the title, listing either the make or year. You can also search for Wrangler parts by measurement.