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                           Written and submitted by Ken Keck
                                         11- Foxtrot
                      Recon, 1/20th, 11th LIB, Americal Div 67-68
                   MACV, Advisory Team 43, Chu Chi Dist, 71-72
Dedicated to "All" Recon Soldiers

I'll cry some more, perhaps Forever

No one really knows my thoughts                            
I believe I hide it well
The hate that boils within my heart
The major strife of my personal hell
Clean weapons first, the rucksack, change of clothes,
check your ammo, clean every magazine.
Watch a Sunset fading over the mountains
Everything so quiet, so peaceful, so surean
We went to Vietnam to fight
An enemy we did not know
And fight we did with all our hearts
We believed, We weren't afraid to go.
Charley probes the defenses about 0230
Flares up, all hell breaks loose, firing left, firing right
Out of the bunkers to the perimeter
There will be no more sleep tonight
The jungle, so quiet, so dark..Ambush!
The shadows, moving, aiming, a flash
Fire from the flank, someone falling,, who?
Firing rat-a-tat-tat, to the right, a dash
Letters from home, newspapers and such
Who are all of these demonstrators
Burning my flag, calling me names
Seems to me like they're a bunch of traitors
A cry! "I'm hit!" medic, more flashes
Grenade, "down!", WHOOM!
Crawling, firing, cries, death sounds!
Here, now, the jungle becomes a tomb
Resupply, rested, back to the paddies
Can't get them out of my mind
We're dying over here, can't they see that back home
I'm not a baby killer, if anything I'm too kind
What?, it's over, smoke clearing
How long? An eternity passed.....30 seconds
More cries, moaning, LT. "Everyone ok?
1st Squad? "Yo, all ok", 2nd? two down!,
3rd, ...?..Point man" (he beckons)
Kids, women, men, all trying to kill us
While the politicians tie our hands,
Do not fire unless fired upon...( I don't think so!)
come over here and fight with us, get your ass off the mainland's
No answer.."Wheres's the point?..He's over here LT.
He's gone LT.,never knew what hit him"
Others wounded, bandages, need medevac
RTO, get on the horn, the rest, search, keep lights dim
Oh man, one and a wakeup, tomorrow up to Da Nang
Catch that freedom bird, homeward bound
Steak and eggs at Ft Lewis, bus to San Fran
One more flight to Chicago, then on to my home town
Check the VC, weapons, maps, anything they have
"Choppers on the way LT., to the landing zone!
Perimeter secure, strobe lights on, dust off coming in
Load the wounded, everyone back, they go the rest of the way alone
They're everywhere these college kids, protesting what?
I'm just a tired soldier, get out of my way  I'm going home to see my wife and child
Okay, that's it, I've had enough, cold cocked, I let him lay
Liftoff, "Let's go Recon, assemble on me"!
Fade back into the jungle, the night is young
Ambush site, L-shaped, claymores out
Silence deafening, watching the trail, prayers unsung 
Thirty-one years has past us by, seems like yesterday
A successful person in the 90's, making pretty good pay
But the anger deep inside of me, no welcome home for any
My heart is broken, we all paid a price, it just won't go away
Night after night, day after day
It seems like it never ends
A reprieve, two days at base camp
Time to cleanup, have a drink with friends
Now ready to retire, only one thing left to do
the trip to the wall, it beckons me, will this truly be the end
Will the anger that has ravaged my body leave
When I lay my hand upon the wall, will it say " Welcome home my friend"
Or. will I cry some more...Will my anger build...Will I cry perhaps...  ... ... forever?
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