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I carried this radio(Prc25 was the Army's name for it) from my first mission in the field to the last. Never left on a mission without a spare battery, plastic to cover handset, a current code book and a red lens for my flashlight. The extra weight was a real disadvantage in the field .
Click on handset or speaker for part of a radio transmission asking for sit reps (situation reports) that I recorded in the background while making a tape to send home on 4 Apr 70. (580kb) 
         The following  was taken from a story written by Warren T Waterbury (Recons Platoon Leader Jan -Sept.1970)
The radios we used in Vietnam were open to anyone who had the frequency numbers, even the enemy. Each battalion and company had its own unique frequencies. In order for us to know who was transmitting and who should be receiving, we used call signs. My platoon had six radios and a secure set. I always had one radio on the battalion frequency and one on the platoon frequency.
The frequencies and call signs were changed periodically for security purposes. On the battalion radio, my call sign might be "papa lima" and my assigned internal or platoon call sign "four one." The platoon call signs were always two digit consecutive numbers such as 41, 42, 43, 44. Recon didn't use the assigned call signs. In fact, we normally didn't even know what they were. I'm not sure how it got started, but the internal call signs used by Recon were as follows: the platoon leader was "Robin Hood," the RTO was "Robin Junior," the squad leaders were "Will Scarlett," "Little Al," and "Little John." "Maid Marian" was the medic and "Friar Tuck" was the platoon sergeant.             Top of Page


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