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What can I say ? The ADVA reunion was great for me. Seeing Tom Waterbury and meeting his lovely wife was well worth the trip , the rest was a welcomed bonus.  His values and ideas some 28 years ago still reflect on the type of person he is today. If you had a chance to meet him and talk with him at the reunion you know why I speak so highly of him.
    A special thanks to Alpha Company for letting Recon hang out with them and for inviting us to attend their dinner with them on Friday evening. A tip of the hat to the organizers of Alpha Company, your turn out for the reunion was fantastic. The reading of the names of those from Alpha Company who gave their all for this country was very emotional for everyone in attendance.
    I never met a stranger at the reunion, we all had something in common. If you did not meet Bill (Major) Honijo, you probably missed some information you were looking for. Not to mention some tasty goodies he brought with him) He could remember events that most of us had forgotten about.
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    There is still a need and desire to stay in touch with our friends and to find the ones that we have not seen for many years.   The 600 in attendance at the Saturday night banquet reflects that need for all of us. Through the great organizations like the ADVA, staying in touch and locating our old friends is a little easier. Thanks ADVA for a great reunion.
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