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RECON Ford F-350 SUPERDUTY Truck Lighting and Accessories

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Shop RECON for the best selection for FORD SUPER DUTY F-350 accessories, parts, and lighting components on the market. We have the innovative, cutting-edge products to soup up your truck so you can ride in style. At RECON, we know FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY owners are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to deck out their trucks and we're here to deliver the parts you've been looking for. 

There's no lighting accessory too big or too small–we have them all. From replacement bulbs to major installations you'll find just what your truck needs at RECON.

F-350 Accessories, Lights, and Parts

Give your truck the attention it deserves and the upgrade it's been waiting for with RECON lights and accessories. All of our items are backed by a limited warranty. We only sell products that offer peak performance, to meet the demands you have for your truck.

Projector Headlights

F-350s are powerful trucks and you need powerful headlights to match. That's what you get with RECON's projector headlights. Shine bright into the distance and illuminate the road ahead.

LED Tail Lights

When you're looking to upgrade your tail lights, turn to RECON. We have a wide variety of styles to suit any truck and personality. Whether you're looking for a sleek smoked lens or a clean clear lens, we have the part you need. 

LED 3rd Brake Lights

With models that are suited to replace 3rd brake lights with cargo bed cameras, as well as parts for F-350 MODELS that do not have a factory-installed camera, you'll find LED 3rd brake lights with clear and smoked lenses as well as white running lights.

LED Cab Roof Lights

The FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY truck makes a powerful statement on its own, but when you add the right LED cab roof lights it can make all the difference. Pick something new and different, like a set with a strobing light feature, or stick to the classic clear lenses with amber lights.

LED Dually Fender Lights

Our LED dually fender lights may be small, but they're certainly powerful. Replace your old, scratched fender lights with a brand new set today.

LED Tailgate Light Bars

Jazz up the back of your truck a little with one of our favorite F-350 accessories, an LED tailgate light bar. You can pick a large, single installation that spans the entire length of your back bumper or select several smaller light bars to create your own design.

LED Fog Lights

Don't get stuck in poor weather with weak fog lights ever again. RECON's LED fog lights shine bright through the haze so you can see just where you're going.

LED Mirror Lights and Lenses

Give your FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY a light refresh with major style. Our LED mirror lights feature scanning turn signals and you can choose between a clear or smoked lens.

Dome Lights

Is the inside of your truck a little dark and shadowy? Not getting the light you need to see properly at night when searching for your belongings or hopping in and out? RECON's dome lights are ultra high-power LED bulbs that shine a bright, white/blue light to brighten up the whole cabin.

Illuminated Door Sills

Get ready for people to stare in awe when you open the doors to your truck with these illuminated door sills. One of the most popular F-350 accessories, they come in red, white, or blue LED lights with a sturdy aluminum plate. Best of all, they activate automatically when you open the doors.

Illuminated Emblems

Small details can go a long way, and that's what we love about these F-350 illuminated emblems. Just one emblem features three colors, so you can switch it up based on what you're feeling that day.

Acrylic Emblem Inserts

Our acrylic emblem inserts show off your F-350 pride. They're available in your choice of eight colors. Find the shade that matches your truck, pick one that contrasts, or opt for green camo. 

LED License Plate Illumination Kit

Choose a license plate illumination kit that comes with a branded F-350 frame, or opt for just the lighting components. Our LED license plate illumination kits also serve as extra reverse lights so you can stay visible.

RECON Universal Parts

If you're looking for even more FORD SUPER DUTY F-350 accessories, check out our universal parts selection. We offer stylish antenna replacements, vinyl roof wraps, and a variety of other lighting accessories.

Choose from flexible, weather-resistant LED light strips that you can fix anywhere on your truck, underbody/rock lights, cargo bed lights,  LED air dam light kits, and more. Of course, we also offer smaller components such as replacement bulbs and relay resistors. At RECON, we have everything you need to make sure your truck stays lit!