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RECON Flexible LED Light Strips

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LED light strips for trucks are a great addition to any vehicle. Installing a flexible LED strip is simple, no matter what type of truck you have. There are several reasons to install this awesome aftermarket lighting accessory to your ride. The first is the ultra-modern aesthetic it gives your truck, and the second is improved visibility. An LED truck strip light is an excellent way to enhance your ride and make it stand out from other vehicles. There are multiple types of LED light strips for trucks to choose from right here at RECON.

Flexible LED Light Strips for Trucks

A flexible LED light strip is a series of small bulbs connected by a strip that you install on either the interior or exterior of your vehicle. LED light strips for trucks at RECON come in multiple sizes, designed for different lighting needs. There are a few variants available. You can create one seamless look in a single color with a long flexible LED strip or you can create custom designs and patterns with multiple colors by pairing the short versions together. Having a flexible LED strip on the outside of your truck makes it easier to spot your vehicle in difficult driving conditions. With the extra illumination, any driver can clearly see where you are on the road or in a parking lot. A truck strip light helps you go off-roading too since it makes your vehicle easier to spot if there is ever an emergency. If you go off-roading with friends, it is easier for them to follow your vehicle, even in heavily forested areas. Finally, installing a flexible LED light strip on your truck is a great way to make your vehicle stand out from others on the road. Unlike other customization options, installing LED light strips is inexpensive. It is also an easy installation process, and the bulbs are strong enough to last for several years without replacement. If you want everyone to know how proud you are of your truck, consider adding LED light strips.

Types of Flexible LED Light Strips for Trucks

Selecting a flexible LED strip may initially seem overwhelming because of all the different options. While there are numerous different types available, many of them feature the same style of light. The biggest difference between the options is the size of the strip and the color of the LED lights. At RECON, you'll find flexible LED strips available in a wide variety of sizes. You'll find options as small as 12-inches, perfect for illuminating the details on your truck such as the area near the license plate. You'll also find flexible LED strips that span a length of 24-inches, 36-inches, 48-inches, 12-feet, 15-feet, 24-feet, and 25-feet. All of our light strips are waterproof and impact-resistant, sure to last through anything you put your truck through on or off the road. Another option when you select your flexible LED light strips is the color of the bulbs. Choose from white, red, blue, amber, or a very special option that has 20 user-selectable colors complete with a remote for operation.

Installing Flexible LED Light Strips for Trucks

Installing a flexible LED strip is quick and easy. Everything you need to install the lights is included with your purchase. Before you install your lights, take the time to wipe down your truck. All you need is soap and water. If there is dirt, sand, or debris stuck to the exterior of your truck it can impede how well the adhesive tape works and can negatively impact your installation. Once you know where you want to secure the lights, straighten the strip and peel back the adhesive. You can also use a mounting bracket to secure the flexible LED strip if you want extra security. Once the truck strip light is attached, the next step is to connect the wires. LED light bulbs do not consume as much power as other types of bulbs.

RECON Universal LED Light Strips

Our flexible LED strips are a RECON universal part, meaning that they fit virtually any MAKE and MODEL truck and SUV. With many options to choose from, you really can't go wrong when adding this modern touch to the look of your vehicle. Whether your truck is new or you have an older MODEL you've been working on for years, having flexible LED light strips installed can make a world of difference. Highlight areas on your truck you want to draw attention to and be sure to stand out in the crowd.

Backed by Limited Warranty

When you shop for flexible LED light strips for trucks at RECON you can rest assured that every purchase is backed by a limited warranty. This ensures that you get what you order the first time and that the parts work as they should. At RECON, we'll never leave you in the dark. Shop for flexible LED strips today and GET LIT!