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RECON LED Fog Lights & Daytime Running Lights & Driving Lights

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For the best aftermarket truck running lights in the industry, shop RECON and GET LIT today! When you need big rig running lights, we have the premier solution for trucks in various sizes. Choose from a variety of big rig lights in several different sizing options, including those suitable for trucks ranging from 48 inches to 62 inches wide.

RECON is the go-to for truck lovers when looking for superior LED running lights. Each of our big rig lights comes in a two-piece set, which you can easily mount on the side of your vehicle. As a universal part, they are suitable for trucks and SUVs of all MAKES and MODELS from virtually any manufacturing year.

LED Truck Running Lights: Styles & Features

These big rig running lights come decked out with ultra-bright, ultra-powerful amber LED bulbs that shine through the night. The light strips fit conveniently below the passenger- and driver-side doors on the rocker panel of your truck, beneath the door sills. They'll fit your truck whether you drive a regular, standard size cab or have an extended cab, quad cab, and all LED running light sets exceed OEM specifications and capabilities.

What's even better is that each of our big rig light strips features plug-and-play installation, which means you can have them up and running in a matter of minutes. Get ready to hit the road in style, with bright amber LED running lights everywhere you go.

Additional features include that they function as parking lights, as well as a brightness that increases by 6 times when you engage your turn signals. Stand out on the road and ensure that other drivers know exactly where you're going to improve your visibility and decrease your chance of accidents and fender benders. LED running lights are much brighter compared to traditional halogen lights of years past, meaning other drivers will see you much farther in the distance.

Why Choose LED Truck Running Lights?

If you're new to the game of aftermarket truck lights, you may be wondering what makes LED running lights better compared to OEM halogen installations. If you're already an LED light enthusiast, you know all the benefits they pose. Whether you're making your first LED purchase or are a die-hard fan, these big rig running lights are sure to stun.

Not only are these LED running lights brighter than halogen bulbs, but they also last much longer. This means that you don't have to worry about fidgeting with tiny replacement bulbs when lights unexpectedly burn out on you. In fact, many drivers see that LED running lights last for years, sometimes even for the full lifespan of their vehicles.

These lights are also much more impact-resistant, making them a must-have for anyone who frequently drives through poor weather or who takes their vehicle off-roading. Driving through rain, gravel, snow, or sleet, with rocks and salt kicking up at your truck? Or maybe you go off the beaten path and tree branches tend to get in the way. No matter what you put your ride through, these truck running lights can stand up to the test of time.

Why Choose RECON?

RECON is the premier choice for aftermarket truck parts and lighting accessories. Whether your truck is new or old, has all the latest gear, or needs a facelift, we have you covered. And when you buy truck running lights from RECON you get so much more than just a product. You get the customer service, technical support, expertise, and knowledge you've come to expect from those in the truck and SUV industry.

As huge truck lovers ourselves, we've got your back for life. Call our customer service line any time you need assistance, and if you'd like a little extra guidance throughout the installation or troubleshooting process we have a dedicated technical support line just for this purpose. We can provide you with excellent advice and guidance regarding which truck running lights are best for your whip, as well as countless other aftermarket parts that are sure to soup up your ride beyond belief.

Shop RECON Today

Looking for the best universal truck running lights to customize your ride? Look no further than RECON. We have big rig lights for your heavy-duty pick-up trucks and SUVs, suitable for virtually every MAKE and MODEL that exists.

Have you been burned by cheap knock-off sites in the past, that sell subpar truck parts and accessories and fail to follow through on their promises? We hear you and we want to make sure that never happens when you shop with us. That's why we offer a limited warranty on all of our truck lighting parts, including our LED running lights.

Get your big rig LED running lights today and GET LIT. Browse our extensive collection and remember, for truck lighting, shop RECON.