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TOYOTA truck accessories are an excellent way to customize your vehicle. There are many different accessories to choose from, making your vehicle safer, giving your truck a unique look. TOYOTA is one of the largest truck manufacturers, with many different makes and models available. As a result, there is no shortage of TOYOTA accessories from which to choose. Fortunately, many accessories are compatible with all TOYOTA trucks. Additionally, TOYOTA truck lights, parts and accessories are easy to install on your own.

TOYOTA Truck Lights

Updating your TOYOTA truck lights is an excellent way to make your vehicle safer and more comfortable to drive. There are two practical reasons to upgrade your lights. The main reason drivers purchase new lights is to increase visibility on the road. Getting stronger head and tail lights are especially important if you plan to take your truck off-roading. There are also specialty TOYOTA truck lights available to help drive in difficult weather conditions.

There are also TOYOTA truck accessories to make your car more noticeable. TOYOTA trucks have more options than other vehicles. You can choose from illuminated emblems or install light bars along the back of your truck. There are also different taillight options. Increasing your visibility helps avoid accidents since drivers are more likely to see you in difficult driving conditions. It is also easier to spot your vehicle if you ever need roadside assistance. This is especially important if you go off-roading with your truck.

Types of TOYOTA Truck Lights

There are many different TOYOTA truck lights from which to choose. Each light is listed because some truck makes only accept specific sizes. There are some other differences between the lights. The most significant decision you must make when selecting TOYOTA truck lights is the type of bulb.

Halogen bulbs

The first are halogen bulbs from which most older TOYOTA trucks use. For a long time, halogen bulbs were easier to produce than other models. They were also powerful and reasonably priced. As time went on, more advanced bulbs were created.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs

Other TOYOTA truck accessories are built with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs. HID bulbs contain Xenon gas. When burnt, Xenon gas produces an intense beam of light. HID lights are more robust than halogen bulbs.

However, HID lights are often more expensive due to safety regulations. Trucks are legally required to produce a powerful charge to ensure HID lights power on immediately. As a result, these TOYOTA truck bulbs must be replaced more frequently than others.

LED bulbs

In 2020, the strongest TOYOTA truck lights use LED bulbs. If you bought a newer truck, you might already have an LED head or tail lights. Some dealerships only offer LED bulbs if you purchase an upgraded package. You can buy and install your own LED lights instead of paying extra at the dealership in many cases.

LED bulbs have multiple advantages over both halogen and HID lamps. LED bulbs are much stronger and brighter. These TOYOTA truck parts also last longer than HID and halogen bulbs. The average life expectancy for LED lights is 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In comparison, most other bulbs only last for around 30,000.