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Toyota Tacoma Truck Lighting and Accessories

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Illuminate Your Journey: Elevate Your Toyota Tacoma with RECON's Premier Lighting and Accessories

Transform Your Tacoma with RECON's Exclusive Lighting Collection!

Your Toyota Tacoma isn't just a truck; it's a statement of style, power, and individuality. With RECON's specialized lighting and accessories, you're not just upgrading your ride; you're elevating your entire driving experience. Let's light up the road with a touch of elegance and unmatched functionality.

🚦 Red LED 3rd Brake Light Kit (95-15 models) - Just $129.95

Revolutionize your Tacoma's appeal with our Smoked Lens Red LED 3rd Brake Light Kit. This isn't just a lighting upgrade; it's a beacon of safety and style that sets your truck apart from the crowd.

🚘 LED Taillights with Smoked Lens (3rd GEN 16-23 models) - Only $699.95

Illuminate the night with our premium LED Taillights. Designed for the modern Tacoma, these lights offer a sleek smoked lens, ensuring you're seen and envied.

🔴 Exclusive LED 3rd Brake Light (16-24 models, double cab only) - A steal at $129.95

Enhance your Tacoma's safety and aesthetic in one go. This LED 3rd Brake Light is a must-have for any discerning Tacoma owner.

💡 Ultra High Power Bed Rail/Cargo Area LED Light Kit - Just $119.95 (20-24 models)

Turn your cargo area into a brilliantly lit space. Whether it's for work or play, our LED Light Kit is your partner in visibility.

🔦 License Plate Illumination Kit LED (16-24 models) - Available for $139.95

Shine a light on your license plate with elegance. Our LED Kit is more than a utility; it's a statement.

🌟 Ultimate Bed Rail/Cargo Area LED Light Kit with Wiring (16-19 models) - Yours for $179.95

Go beyond illumination with this all-inclusive lighting solution. Perfect for those who demand the best in functionality and flair.

Beyond the Tacoma: A Universe of Lighting Excellence

At RECON, we understand that every vehicle deserves to shine. Our extensive range of universal products, from LED dome lights to electric winches and stylish apparel, ensures that no matter what you drive, you can experience the RECON difference.

Drive with Confidence, Drive with RECON

It's more than just lighting; it's about driving with confidence, safety, and a style that turns heads. Choose RECON for your Toyota Tacoma and transform your drive into an experience. Light up your world, only with RECON.