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No matter your music taste, we know you want to hear the lyrics of your favorite songs loud and clear. Does your radio station sound crackly? At RECON, we provide a way to improve your radio reception by selling the best-quality antennas in the automotive aftermarket. 

Changing out your antenna is an awesome touch to personalize your ride. If your current installation looks basic or shows signs of wear and tear, why not swap it out for something that gives your truck better aesthetics and performance? Shop our antenna selection for something that gives your vehicle the classic, sleek or flashy look it deserves. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Truck Antenna?

In some cases, it might be obvious when you need a new antenna. For example, you'll need a replacement if it snaps off. Other times, you may need an upgrade if you sense issues or signs of damage. If your signals for local or national radio stations sound like they're fading, investing in a new antenna should resolve the issue. 

RECON provides rugged antennas made with premium, sturdy aluminum. Our products are designed to withstand tough weather conditions and shrug off everyday wear and tear.

While our long-range antennas are built to last, they also look awesome. Our modern selection includes shapes ranging from bullets and barrels to baseball bats, spikes and rockets. With different colors and sizes to choose from, the customization possibilities are endless. 

Advantages of Bullet Antennas for Trucks

If you want to improve the look and function of your truck, bullet antennas offer an excellent choice. They're popular and provide the following benefits:

  • Sleek and stylish designs: A bullet antenna offers a modern twist to classic antennas. The designs come with a low-profile, sporty look that can complement your vehicle's style. 
  • Durability and longevity: These antennas are made with high-quality materials and a tough design that can continue functioning through rain, snow or freezing temperatures. 
  • Easy installations: Setting up your new antenna is simple with our adapters and instructions. The replacement process only takes a few minutes. 

Choosing the Right Upgrade

At RECON, we sell bullet antennas and numerous other designs to give your truck an element of functional flair. These products offer universal fitment and arrive ready for installation. 

You can narrow your selection by antenna color to find the perfect design for you. We offer ways to create a cohesive look with your truck or choose a color that stands out. The chrome looks classic, black looks ultramodern, and options like blue, green and red create an eye-catching statement for the road or your next local truck meet. 

Enhance Your Ride With RECON

RECON is owned and operated by truck enthusiasts. We're proud to design and manufacture premium truck lighting and accessories for the automotive aftermarket. With over two decades of experience, we're the experts you can trust for all your outfitting needs. 

All our products come with a limited warranty, and we offer plenty of ways to save. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers and check our RECON warehouse deals to see what's on sale. 

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