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LED truck bulbs are quickly becoming an industry standard among all the major truck companies. In the past, led bulbs for trucks were available, but you often had to pay extra. As time went on, they not only became more common, but there were additional advancements in the bulbs’ technology.

Even if your vehicle does not come standard with LED bulbs, we carry multiple types of bulbs for your truck. The installation process largely depends on where you want to place the bulbs, as well as the type of vehicle. While there are dozens of bulbs to choose from, the main difference between each type is the size and color of the bulb.

LED Light Bulbs for Trucks

LED bulbs have many advantages over other types of truck bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the most basic bulbs available. Today, some trucks still come default with halogen headlights, largely because they are the easiest to buy and produce in bulk. LED bulbs for trucks are much more effective and safer than halogen bulbs.

Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights do not heat up, which reduces the chances of accidents. LED light bulbs for trucks are also much more efficient than halogen lights, with the majority of them lasting an average of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In addition to lasting longer, LED bulbs provide brighter light than halogen bulbs.

LEDs also perform better than the other alternative, XENON bulbs. XENON bulbs are also known as high-intensity discharge bulbs. While XENON bulbs produce bright light, there are some complications regarding their use.

By law, XENON bulbs must be working at a minimum of 80% capacity within four seconds of being turned on. Otherwise, they are not street legal. As a result, these bulbs need a high-voltage starter, increasing the price.

While XENON bulbs have improved, most people consider LED bulbs the superior option. They come at a lower price and are easier to install.

Types of LED Bulbs

LED truck bulbs are much smaller than other types of lights. This provides many more lighting options, outside of the traditional head and taillights. One of the most common locations to install LED truck bulbs is in the head or taillights.

In LED headlights, the bulbs are powerful enough to produce a strong beam, allowing you to see in difficult driving conditions. Taillight light bulbs help to illuminate the back of your vehicle, reducing the chances of another driver getting into an accident because they were unable to see your truck.

Below are some examples of different types of LED lights:

  • Wedge style
  • 360-degree
  • Unidirectional
  • Festoon style
  • Ultra high power

Another benefit of LED truck lights is they have more color options than traditional bulbs. Some common colors for LED truck bulbs include amber, green, orange or purple, in addition to the standard white.

Installing LED Bulbs for Trucks

LED truck bulbs are much easier to install than other lighting options. Because the lights are so energy efficient, they only require a small amount of power to run. If you are installing interior lights, you can power the lights by connecting them to either your speaker or cigarette socket wiring. If you are installing LED bulbs on the outside of your vehicle, the difficulty is based on where you want the lights.

With most trucks, LED bulb replacements for head and taillights is easy. For the headlights, all you need to do is pop the hood and disconnect the existing headlights. Next, unscrew the old headlights. Install your LED truck bulbs into the empty slot, then reconnect the wires.

Installing LED bulbs in the back of your vehicle uses a similar process. Instead of popping your hood, open your hatch, trunk or tailgate to get access to the rear lights. Disconnect the wiring, then remove your existing bulbs. Next, take your new LED bulb replacements, install them in the empty slots, and reconnect the wiring.

Trucks Supported with LED Bulbs

LED bulbs for trucks are essentially universal. The most important part of choosing your new LED replacement lights is making sure you pick the correct size.

This is determined by the make of your vehicle. Fortunately, many we make it easy to find the right vehicle fitment for your truck’s make and model. We carry LED lights for:

  • DODGE (RAM) Trucks
  • FORD F-150
  • JEEP Wrangler
  • And more!

The majority of trucks made within the last 20 years are compatible with LED lights. With older models, it is still possible to install LED bulbs, but it may be more complex, depending on your vehicle. You can refer to our guides if you need more help.