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Relays & Resistors for your LED Lights

RECON offers two main products in their Relays & Resistors category: a 12-Volt 6-ohm 50-watt Aluminum Resistor designed for LED replacement bulbs, priced at $19.95, and a 5-PIN 12-Volt 30/40A Relay with a 5-PIN Interlocking Wire Connector, available for $24.95. These components are essential for ensuring the proper function and longevity of LED lights in vehicles, by regulating voltage and preventing hyper-flashing or bulb-out warnings.

12-Volt 6-ohm 50-watt Aluminum Resistor (For LED Replacement Bulbs)

The 12-Volt 6-ohm 50-watt Aluminum Resistor, specifically designed for LED replacement bulbs in vehicles. It's used to ensure that LED bulbs function properly without causing hyper-flashing or triggering bulb-out warnings on the vehicle's dashboard. This resistor helps in mimicking the electrical resistance of a standard halogen bulb, thus preventing any error messages or rapid blinking issues commonly associated with LED upgrades.

5-PIN 12-Volt 30/40A Relay w/ 5-PIN Interlocking Wire Connector

The 5-PIN 12-Volt 30/40A Relay with a 5-PIN Interlocking Wire Connector, designed for automotive use. It's primarily used to enable the switching of a higher current circuit using a lower current signal, which is common in vehicles for controlling various electrical components such as lights, fans, and pumps. The 5-pin interlocking wire connector ensures a secure and reliable connection, making it suitable for various automotive electrical systems.