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RECON LED Fender Lights

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RECON LED Fender Lights

RECON's fender lights for trucks are easy to install and are approved for use by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). They are street legal and surpass O.E.M. specifications. When you shop for LED fender lights for trucks at RECON, you know you're getting the best product at the best price, with the best function and capability. You demand the most from your truck. You should demand the most from your fender lights too.

LED Fender Lights

Never get caught in the dark again -- get lit with RECON's LED fender lights for trucks. The LED lights shine bright into the distance, helping you stay safe on the road at night while also making sure you look stylish and stand out from the crowd. LED lights are the best on the market, providing you with the highest power and the brightest, cleanest light, while putting little strain on your truck's battery. The light cuts clear through the darkness, letting other drivers know you're there.

With amber, red, and white LED fender lights, with either a clear/chrome or black/smoked lens, select the RECON part that finishes off the look of your truck. You're building a masterpiece. A truck with aftermarket accessories that is sure to turn heads, draw attention at the local truck meet ups, and perform both on and off the road. You select only the best parts, and put your time and sweat into installation because you want a truck unlike any other. We get it. At RECON, we're truck lovers too and we share that same goal.

Let us help you elevate your truck to that next level with a new set of LED fender lights. Installation is simple, but the statement they make once they're illuminated is huge. Each set for RECON fender lights for trucks comes as a complete set.

Types of LED Fender Lights

When you shop at RECON, you'll find fender lights for a wide variety of trucks. We design premier parts for virtually every Make, Model, and Year because we believe that every truck driver should have access the the aftermarket upgrades they want. No truck is too new or too old to add an extra element of "wow" with a set of RECON fender lights.

RECON stocks LED fender lights for the following trucks and SUVs:


We stock LED fender lights for trucks that fit Models that were manufactured as far back as 1994, up through current year. Additionally, we stock fender lights for both the front and back of trucks and SUVs.

Many of our installations are plug-and-play, seamlessly transitioning from the factory parts already on your truck. This means that there is no tricky hardware, no major work that has to be done, and that your new LED fender lights will be ready to shine in just a matter of minutes. No nonsense, no hassle.

LED Fender Lights That Last

If you are replacing factory-installed fender lights that did not have LED lighting, prepare to be amazed. You will see the difference in light immediately, as well as far into the future.

The LED bulbs in RECON fender lights for trucks are more resistant to impact than traditional halogen bulbs. If you take your truck off roading, mudding, or drive through perilous conditions, LED fender lights are a must-have.

Not only are LED lights more durable compared to traditional bulbs, but they have a much longer lifespan as well. You don't have to worry about your LED fender lights burning out on you any time soon. This means no more running to the store to find a replacement bulb on short notice, and no more turning on your truck to notice you have a light that's out.

When you install RECON fender lights on your truck, you know that you're installing a product that is designed to last. Each of our parts are created with you, the driver, in mind. We know everything you put your truck through, because we do the exact same thing. There are no weather conditions too severe and no paths too treacherous to venture down. You need parts that will stand up to the test, and that's exactly what we provide here at RECON.

Why Shop RECON

Make RECON your one and only spot to shop for aftermarket truck lighting components and accessories. We design only the best truck parts on the market with the most state-of-the-art features. LED fender lights from RECON are always backed by a limited warranty, and we have technicians standing by to take your phone call should you have any questions regarding installation. Additionally, there are FREE online installation guides available.

If you are looking for technical assistance, please call 561-771-1183 any time from 9am until 5pm EST, Monday through Friday to speak with an expert member of the RECON team.