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If you keep valuable work tools & fishing or hunting gear in the back of your truck, you need the best LED truck bed lights on the market. Trucks are meant for carrying cargo, and sometimes you need access to that cargo at night. Or, maybe you have a bed cap or tonneau cover on your truck. There's nothing worse than digging around looking for what you need, or trying to search through a ton of stuff with a flashlight. With truck LED bed lights, you won't have that headache ever again. LED bed lights are a great way to affordably improve the function & use of your pick up trucks bed. Truck bed lights LED work by illuminating your truck bed with powerful LED lights that shine from the cab of your truck all the way to the tailgate. LED truck bed lighting is a powerful & simple accessory sometimes referred to as truck bed lights or a truck bed light kit. We at RECON Truck Accessories recommend installing a truck bed light kit to illuminate your trucks cargo bed. We offer LED truck bed lights that are universally installed or truck bed light kits that are vehicle model specific for Ford F-150, Ford F150 RAPTOR, Ford SUPERDUTY, Ford F250, Ford F350, Ford F450, Ford F550, Dodge RAM TRX, Dodge RAM 1500, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge RAM 3500, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, etc. If you really want to light up the cargo area or truck bed on your domestic pick up truck, RECON has you covered with the best in class & brightest Truck Bed LED Illumination Kits.

RECON LED Truck Bed Lights

RECON LED bed lights are universal, so they'll fit any make and model. Light up your cargo area on the driver and passenger side with these two-piece cargo light sets. Double the lighting at one single cost. You'll be able to see into even the deepest darkest corners of your truck bed. So if that one screwdriver goes missing, you can find it quick and easy. Our universal LED truck bed lights are entirely water-proof with four LED light boxes. If you're headed out for an excursion at dusk, load everything just the way you want it, without jamming items around in the dark hoping they fit. When you have the right truck bed lights, life becomes so much easier.

Truck Bed Lights LED That Last

Not only are RECON LED truck bed lights 100% water-proof, they're sturdy and meant to withstand anything the bed of your truck throws at them. If you're going off-road, you're going to hit bumps and all your great gear might get tossed around a little bit. With RECON under bed lighting, you don't have to worry about cracks in the lenses or damage to the bulbs. We build every part with your lifestyle in mind.

LED Light Bulbs Offer an Advantage

Have you been using those peel-and-stick battery-operated lights that you can pick up at the local superstore? How are they working out? We bet that not only do they fall off quickly, but that the light is poor quality and you need to buy new ones frequently. Or, did you get a string of cheap bed lights from a retailer that doesn't specialize in premier aftermarket truck parts? Our guess is that they aren't cutting it. RECON LED truck bed lights are far superior. The LED bulbs have a lifespan of tens of thousands of hours. They won't need to be replaced any time soon. LED light bulbs are also more impact-resistant than those knockoffs from other retailers. They don't burn out, they're less likely to crack or shatter, and they provide a light that's many times brighter and whiter than other types of bulbs.

Function and Style

Even if you don't venture out at night or keep important items in your truck bed that require access in the dark, you probably still want your truck to look awesome. At RECON, all of our aftermarket products are meant to serve a function while also providing great style. LED bed lights give your truck a high-profile look. Think of all the ways that you can create a custom lighting system when you combine them with LED strip lights on your door sills, over your wheels, and on the interior of your ride. Your truck will be LIT. Bright light, the color of your choice, shining from every direction. It's guaranteed that your look won't look like any other. Bringing your truck to the next local meet-up? You need to outdo everyone else. Your truck should be the one that other truck lovers flock to. The ultimate example of customization. Make it happen with the best under bed lighting you can buy.

Product Warranty and Tech Support

When you buy from no-name online retailers, you likely don't get a product warranty on your parts. If they're defective you might have a hard time returning them or getting a reimbursement. You might not even be able to reach a customer service representative to answer your questions. That's not acceptable. All RECON parts come with a limited warranty that prevents situations like this from happening. While we take the greatest care to ship all of our parts in top condition, should you ever have a problem upon delivery, we're here for you to make it right. If you have questions about the install process, we have you covered there too. RECON has a long list of online installation guides to help you out. But our tech support doesn't stop there. Sometimes you just need a real person to talk to. Someone who really gets trucks. Someone who has been there and done that and can give you tips and tricks. Call our technical support