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Looking for an LED flashlight that is powerful, portable, and there when you need it? You've come to the right place. It's time to GET LIT with the best portable LED flashlights you can find. These never go out of style and always come in handy. Every driver needs an LED flashlight in their truck to give you clear, white, bright, long-lasting light in the event of a flat tire, breakdown, or any other situation that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. You can even use one to get the attention of another driver who could help you out. In addition, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, and fires can knock out the power and leave you in the dark, so keeping one in your garage can ensure you'll always have the light you need. An LED flashlight can be used as a safety tool or simply to give illumination whenever you need it.

Powerful LED Flashlights at RECON

All RECON LED flashlights feature CREE high-power LED technology for powerful brightness and reliability right when and where you need it. CREE LEDs deliver lighting-class LEDs that set industry benchmarks for light quality, performance, and reliability. CREE's innovative LEDs continue to express what is possible now and into the future. Our 1700 lumens ultra high-power LED flashlight with LED side lantern and LED charging port lets you focus light where you need it and also offers wide-ranging bright light to fill larger areas. And with a female USB charging port incorporated into the flashlight, your phone will never run out of charge, so in the event of an emergency, you won't be stranded for long. Choose from two colors: a sleek, black LED flashlight or a bright red one. Whichever one you choose, you'll get long-lasting, bright LED light wherever you need it. Light up the darkest areas in aircraft-grade black aluminum. Designed for better single-hand operation, it offers more usable light than similarly sized handheld LED flashlights. Built to handle the toughest conditions, it comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and wall charger but can also use two CR123A batteries. Small but mighty, the RECON 100 Lumen LED Handheld 1-Watt Flashlight w/ Built-In RED Laser Black is convenient and easy to carry, so you'll never be without light when you need it. The red laser is extremely visible in the dark, making it the perfect safety tool to keep on hand.

Why Choose RECON LED Flashlights

Small in size, these LED flashlights are easy to carry or stash in your truck. But don't be fooled, they offer powerful lighting that makes them a necessity for every driver. You'll be surprised at how often you use your flashlight once you have one within easy reach. Advances in flashlight technology have created smaller, brighter flashlights that last longer on their power source. Due to their small plastic bulbs and solid-state construction, LEDs are durable and almost unbreakable. Drop-proof, shock-resistant, these flashlights are unlike many others with different types of bulbs. And since LED bulbs are stronger than old-school incandescent bulbs, your flashlight can stand up to the toughest situations. Whether tinkering in your garage or out on the road, these compact, powerful flashlights are ready at any time and in any situation. It is better to have a flashlight with you and not need it than to need a flashlight and not have one.

Why RECON LED Flashlights Are So Reliable

At RECON, you'll find innovative products that last longer and are more reliable than flashlights of the past. Old flashlight bulbs generally burned out quickly, usually right when you needed them, or didn't have enough battery power to last more than a couple of hours. With RECON LED flashlights, you get the battery efficiency and LED technology that makes our product brighter, lighter, and smaller than old-school ones of the past. We offer a limited product warranty that goes above and beyond any other in the aftermarket SUV and truck lighting industry. With our warranty, you get the products you've ordered the first time and the assurance that they will work as expected. We won't let you down. We are truck lovers ourselves, and we understand the disappointment that comes with finding that the product you ordered, especially something as crucial as an LED flashlight, isn't exactly what you expected. We never want our customers to have that feeling, so we only sell products that we would use ourselves.

Shop LED Flashlights at RECON Today

When you shop RECON for aftermarket truck lighting or even something as small as an LED flashlight, you can be sure that you're getting high-performance, high-quality, long-lasting lighting every single time. With these high-powered flashlights, you never find yourself left in the dark again. GET LIT with RECON.